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a〓l Budgets for 2009 ●and on the Draft〓 Central and● Local Budgets〓 for 2010, wh◆ich was submit●ted for review o●n March 5, 2010◆ at the Third Ses●sion of the El◆eventh National Peop●le's Congr〓ess and was adopt●ed on March 14: F●ellow Deputies, The〓 Ministry of Financ●e has been entru■sted by the S○tate Council 〓to submit this repo●rt on the implem〓entation of the cent○ral and loca■l budgets for〓 2009 and the draf○t central and■ local budge●ts for 2010 for you●r deliberation a●nd approva◆l, and for the◆ members of ◆the National Commi■ttee of the Chin○ese People's ●Political Consulta◆tive Conference (C◆PPCC)

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d sug■gestions. I. I■mplementatio●n of the Centra■l and Local Bu●dgets for ○2009 The ye◆ar 2009 was th○e most diffic◆ult year for our■ country's 〓economic de◆velopment ■since the beginnin●g of the new cent〓ury. Under the○ firm leader○ship of the C■ommunist Party of C○hina (CPC)〓, the peopl〓e of all our ethnic ◆groups took Deng Xia〓oping Theory and● the important thoug■ht of Three ●Represents as the◆ir guide, thorough〓ly applied ○the Scientific Outlo●ok on Development●, comprehensivel●y carried out the ○central leader●ship's stra○tegic arrange■ments, conscie◆ntiously im○plemented t●he pertinent reso■lu

tion of th◆e Second Session○ o

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